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What is GRC?

GRC stands for Governance, Risk, and Compliance and is critical to comprehensive risk management within organizations of all shapes and sizes. Organizations implement GRC as a form of value protection, risk management and compliance. GRC-informed security teams align IT and security objectives with overall business goals to create a cohesive business unit.

We wrote the RedBook on GRC, which is the GRC bible for all GRC certifying organizations.

How does GRC help students in business and IT programs?

GRC practitioners are versatile professionals who use six GRC disciplines: governance, risk, audit, compliance, ethics, and IT. Add a GRC certification to your skillstack to showcase your commitment to reliably achieve company objectives (Governance), address uncertainty (Risk), and act with integrity (Compliance).

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GRC Professionals address cross-organizational needs reliably to achieve company objectives.

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At OCEG, we’re dedicated to producing a community of top performing GRC professionals. We believe that bringing principled performance to the workplace starts with students, so we’re giving current university students a discount to join the GRC community and kickstart their career as a principled performer. This offer is only available to current students (verified by VerifyPass) in the US, Canada, UK and Australia.

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A pathway for every major

Where do I begin?

We get it. As an emerging professional it can be overwhelming to navigate the world of certifications. Dip your toes into the water with OCEG’s GRCP certification. The GRCP certification will provide you with the foundational knowledge you need to advance your skill set under our 6 Key Disciplines.

Which Discipline is Right for Me?

  • Business: Business majors can benefit from a number of our certifications. Namely, business executives have seen success obtaining further education under OCEG’s Governance & Oversight and Strategy & Performance disciplines.
  • Finance, Accounting & Audit: Professionals in the Finance, Accounting & Audit industries have seen success through furthering their education under OCEG’s Strategy & Performance and Audit & Assurance disciplines.
  • IT & Security: IT & Security professionals see success furthering their education in OCEG’s Risk & Decision-Making, Compliance & Ethics and Security and Continuity disciplines.
  • Decision Science: Professionals in the business of decision-making have gained irreplaceable skills by furthering their education under OCEG’s Compliance & Ethics discipline.
  • Legal Studies: Professionals studying law have benefitted from furthering their education under OCEG’s Compliance & Ethics discipline.

Principled Performance for students

OCEG teaches GRC to uncover every Principled Performer’s ability to protect. Kickstart your career by showcasing your ability to simultaneously preserve and produce value across IT & Security objectives to prospective employers. OCEG’s approach to education empowers every GRC professional to outperform peers in the job application and interview process.

10 Universal outcomes of Principled Performance

Become a Principled Performer to ensure you’ll join the workplace with the ability to market and perform GRC capabilities as critical business functions. Principled Performers are able to:


Achieve business objectives: Establish objectives that align with all business silos to support the achievement of enterprise objectives.


Establish or improve organizational culture: Establish or improve company culture by demonstrating high performance, accountability, integrity, trust, and communication.


Ensure risk-Informed objectives and strategic planning: Consistently inform your team about risks, rewards, and responsibilities for smooth execution of business objectives.


Enhance stakeholder confidence in security programs: Principled Performers have a unique ability to grow stakeholder trust throughout the organization by approaching risk and security objectives with a holistic mindset across GRC’s 6 disciplines.

Prepare and protect the organization: Simultaneously prepare and protect the organization from adversity and unexpected events by performing proactive risk assessment and mitigation.



Prevent, detect, and reduce adversity and weaknesses: Establish actions and controls to mitigate negative impact, detect gaps, and address issues in real-time.


Motivate and inspire desired conduct: Motivate your colleagues and teams to uphold company culture by providing incentives and rewards for desirable conduct.


Stay ahead of the game: Proactively address needed strategic and tactical changes to avoid obstacles and pitfalls.


Improve responsiveness and efficiency: Improve responsiveness and overall efficiency by establishing capabilities that give your business a competitive advantage.


Optimize economic return and values: Maximize value generation while prioritizing time-saved by allocating human and financial resources in a way that promotes economic return.

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  1. Set risk-aware objectives
  2. Lead interdisciplinary strategy
  3. Enhance organizational culture
  4. Protect sensitive information
  5. Produce and preserve value